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EPDM 90 Durometer Backup Ring
A back-up ring is a rigid ring that holds an elastomeric seal or plastic (such as Polyethylene) connection to its designed shape and in its correct place. Back up rings are commonly used with O-rings, lip seals, and as reciprocating shaft seals. They are also used for piping connections joining two different materials - typically one flexible and one rigid.
Rubber Contoured Back-Up Ring Size Chart
Contoured back-ups are routinely produced in a 90 durometer nitrile. This provides sufficient elasticity to permit stretching over the major diameter of a piston and then snapping back into the gland groove cut into the piston. 90 durometer has sufficient hardness to resist extrusion of the softer elastomeric O-ring performing the actual sealing function against the high pressure liquid or gas.
000 Series O-rings 0.070" ±0.003" - .045" Thick
100 Series O-rings 0.103" ±0.003" - .045" Thick
200 Series O-rings 0.139" ±0.004" - .040" Thick
300 Series O-rings 0.210" ±0.005" - .060" Thick
400 Series O-rings 0.275" ±0.006" - .096" Thick
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