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Enhanced Indefinite Chill Cast Iron Roll (En-ICDP)
The enhanced indefinite chilled cast rion roll is developed basing on the traditional ICDP. By adding the element of V, W, Ti, Nb, the wear resistance of the En-IDCP is improved. By the graphite formed inside the material, En-ICDP gets a better performance to prevent the thermal crack and the performance of anti thermal fatigue is improved.
Table.1 Chemical Composition
Symbol C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo V+W+Ti+Nb
E-ICDP 2.90-3.60 0.60-1.50 0.5.-1.50 1.00-2.50 3.50-5.00 0.20-1.00 <2.5
Table.2 Physical Performance
Barrel Harness
(HSD) Journal Hardness
(HSD) Tensile Strength
(Mpa) Hardness Uniformity
(HSD) Thichness Difference of Shell(mm)
65-85 35-45 >400 <5 <10 Hot Plate And Strip Mill Rolls manufacturers